Environmental Policy

Yesti Group commits the items stated below in order to ensure taking all necessary environmental measures to eliminate or control the environmental impact risks that arising from activities and to complete project activities with successful environmental performance;


  • Complying to national environmental legislation in national projects and complying the international environmental standards related with region in international projects,
  • Ensuring to define all environmental hazards that may effect the environmental balance due to activities and to control environmental risks by taking necessary measures in terms of protecting the environment,
  • Ensuring to assess environmental performace efficiency of task methods and work equipment to be used for the activities by following legislation updates and new technologies.
  • Ensuring continious improvement on environmental knowledge and environmental awareness of all employees at all levels of company with regular trainings.
  • Providing necessary resourches to etablish environmental management system in order to elimiate or control environmental impacts and to ensure regular and sustainable environmental checks and inspections,
  • Ensuring regular assess for energy efficiency in all project areas depending on activities by reviewing existing and additional measures need regularly,
  • Continiously observing environmental impacts of the activities on the surrounding and nearby residential areas in all workplaces and regularly assessing potantial impacts and additional environmenta measures need,
  • Commits ensuring minimize the resourch consumption as much as possible and using the resourced efficiently.

Yesti Group has adopted the principle to implement and improve this environmental policy in a sustainable manner for all activity areas by ensuring this policy reaches out to relevant stakeholders.