Message of the Head

As we started our business and took off in early 90’s, we set forth our top-priority and indispensable philosophy. “Quality and customer satisfaction are reached firstly by human and then by the technology.”


In line with our above mentioned corporate philosophy; safety, quality, and customer satisfaction have always been our priorities. Instead of performing the works without our hereby mentioned priorities we prefer not to do it. Because when these priorities are not considered;


  • Others may be harmed.
  • Projects may turn out to be more costly than anticipated.
  • Consequently, it might be our the very last project.


Therefore and as identified in our mission & vision statements we;


  • Keep occupational health and safety in the forefront of our minds.
  • Always put our customers’ needs first.
  • Embrace innovation.
  • Are committed to the highest standards of ethical business conduct, responsibility and integrity.
  • Stay up to date with the latest technology and highest standards of the industry.
  • Place great importance on the environmental compatibility and sustainability of our business activities.
  • Do our utmost in order to honestly fulfill our social responsibilities in regard to the welfare of society in which we operate.


We are proud to have put our signature on many prestigious projects over the last 30 years. As per our continuous development strategy we strive for improving employee performance and equipment effectiveness in order to provide our valued customers with innovative services.


I would like to take this chance to thank all of our employees, business partners and customers for their support and contributions to our successful works since our establishment.


Yours faithfully,

E. Murat PEKEL

Chairman of the Board